The High Containment Use Committee (HCUC) was established by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities to review all research proposals to utilize space within the BSL3 shared facility. The HCUC evaluates the quality and potential impact of proposed research, sources of available support, and justification for use of the BSL3 shared facility. Investigators who are planning research that will require use of BLS3 resources should contact Barbara Dillon to discuss those research needs before submitting a one-page proposal to the HCUC. The proposal should include the following:

  • Proposal Title
  • PI name
  • Description of research (include benefit to society)
  • Personnel requiring access to the BSL3 shared facility
  • Approximate hours/days/weeks of access needed
  • Source(s) of support for the proposed work

Researchers are encouraged to consult with Ms. Dillon when preparing proposals for extramural research, and before making other commitments that involve use of the BSL3 shared facility.

Use of the BSL3 facility requires extensive training and ongoing oversight through a partnership between the researcher, the HCUC, the IBC, and the Director of UCLA High Containment Facilities. Questions about the HCUC review process and proposals may be submitted to the HCUC by contacting Jennifer Klahn.

Committee Membership

Voting Members

Name Title
Jerome Zack, PhD (chair) Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Chair MIMG
Paul Boutros, PhD, MBA Interim Vice Dean for Research, DGSOM
Samson Chow, PhD Professor and Vice-Chair, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Barbara Dillon Director, High Containment Facilities, EH&S
Jennifer Fulcher, MD, PhD Assistant Professor in Residence, Medicine – Infectious Diseases
Marcus Horwitz, MD, PhD Distinguished Professor, Medicine – Infectious Diseases

Non-Voting Members

Name Title
Jeffrey Goodwin, DVM, PhD, DACLAM Executive Director and Attending Veterinarian, DLAM
Jennifer Klahn Director, Research Safety & Animal Welfare, Research Policy and Compliance
Bryan Ruiz Director – Research Safety, EH&S