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Attached is UCLA Interim Guidance on “Access to and Management of Research Data and Tangible Research Materials.” This guidance was developed in response to recently publicized disputes about ownership and transfer of data when faculty move from one institution to another as well as questions and concerns about data ownership, access, retention and transfer. It goes into effect immediately.

Note that this document is not being issued as final guidance nor as a formal UCLA policy. Rather, I consider it a discussion draft. As such, I am distributing it to inform the campus research community about some of the key issues in this area and to solicit feedback and specific comments that can be considered before the guidance is finalized.

For some time, UCLA staff have participated in a University-wide Task Force convened by the UC Office of the President to develop a UC policy that addresses issues related to ownership of data generated or acquired through the use of University research funds, resources, or facilities. This proposed policy is also meant to address the transfer of data and tangible research materials to other institutions. The activities of this task force have yet to result in a formally promulgated UC policy. They have however, highlighted the need to provide the campus research community with guidance about these topics.

The attached Interim campus Guidance builds upon a review of individual and institutional rights and responsibilities related to the access to, sharing and retention of research data issued by the Council on Governmental Relations (October 2011). It is based on the work of the UC Data ownership and access Task Force. It reflects current UC policy, the requirements of federal research sponsors, and some of the best practices of other research-intensive Universities.

As a member of the UCLA research community, please review the document, share it with students, postdoctoral scholars and trainees with whom you work, and keep it for future reference. I encourage you to send substantive comments to Ann Pollack, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Research at or x40387.