DOE requires full disclosure of current and pending support, which includes domestic support, and any foreign support or engagement.

The following requirements are from pages 66 and 92-93 of the DOE Office of Science FY 2021 Continuation of Solicitation for the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program issued on October 1, 2020:

Provide a list of all current and pending support for the PI and senior/key personnel, including subawardees, regardless of funding source. Provide the Current and Pending Support as an appendix to your project narrative. Concurrent submission of an application to other organizations for simultaneous consideration will not prejudice its review.

Current and Pending support is intended to allow the identification of potential duplication, overcommitment, potential conflicts of interest or commitment, and all other sources of support. The PI and each senior/key person at the prime applicant and any proposed subaward must provide a list of all sponsored activities, awards, and appointments, whether paid or unpaid; provided as a gift with terms or conditions or provided as a gift without terms or conditions; full-time, part-time, or voluntary; faculty, visiting, adjunct, or honorary; cash or in-kind; foreign or domestic; governmental or private-sector; directly supporting the individual’s research or indirectly supporting the individual by supporting students, research staff, space, equipment, or other research expenses. All foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment programs must be identified in current and pending support. SC requires the use of the format approved by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which may be generated by the Science Experts Network Curriculum Vita (SciENcv), a cooperative venture maintained at and is also available at The use of a format required by another agency is intended to reduce the administrative burden to researchers by promoting the use of common formats.

For every activity, list the following items:

    • The sponsor of the activity or the source of funding
    • The award or other identifying number
    • The title of the award or activity. If the title of the award or activity is not descriptive, add a brief description of the research being performed that would identify any overlaps or synergies with the proposed research.
    • The total cost or value of the award or activity, including direct and indirect costs. For pending proposals, provide the total amount of requested funding.
    • The award period (start date – end date).
    • The person-months of effort per year being dedicated to the award or activity

Please note that DOE Offices other than the Office of Science may have different requirements; check the program solicitation and direct any questions to the appropriate individual at the UCLA Office of Contract and Grant Administration.