NASA requires full disclosure of current and pending support, which includes domestic support, and any foreign support or engagement.

The following requirements are from the NASA Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Funding Announcement, revised as of March 2018.

3.16 Current and Pending Support (not required for contract proposals)

PIs and Co-PIs must provide all ongoing and pending projects and proposals (regardless of salary support) in which they are performing or will perform any part of the work. Co-Is proposing to spend 10% or more of their time to the proposed effort must provide ongoing and pending project and proposals (regardless of salary support) that require a significant share (more than 10%) of their time. Proposals need not include the current proposal on the list of pending proposals unless it was also submitted to another FA or funding opportunity (whether at NASA or another sponsor).

For those investigators for whom it is required (see above), the proposal shall provide following information for each current and pending project:

    • Title of funded project or proposal title;
    • Name of PI on award or proposal;
    • Program name (if appropriate) and sponsoring agency or organization, including a point of contact with their telephone number and email address;
    • Performance period;
    • Total amount received by that investigator (including indirect costs) or the amount per year if uniform (e.g., $50 k/year); and
    • Time commitment by the investigator for each year of the period of performance.

The proposing PI must notify the NASA Program Officer identified for the FA immediately of any successful proposals that are awarded for substantially the same research as proposed to NASA, any time after the proposal due date and until the time that NASA’s selections are announced.

Current and pending support is not required for students or Co-Is at non-U.S. institutions.

Please note that NASA proposals for other types of awards may have other requirements; please check the program solicitation and direct any questions to the appropriate individual at the UCLA Office of Contract and Grant Administration.